Do not follow your GPS!

We are located on the North Fork Road (HWY 486) which is north out of Columbia Falls from Nucleus Ave. Coming into Columbia Falls turn north onto Nucleus Ave, go to the end of the street where it "T's" at the Locomotive Park, turn right and keep going until you see our sign on the right side of the road. It's about 50 miles and an hour and a half driving time. If you’re coming from Glacier Park you can exit the Park on Camas Road which terminates at the North Fork Road. Turn right. Polebridge is about 13 miles from Camas Road and we're 17 miles north of Polebridge, so 30 miles total. To avoid potholes and dust, the Camas Road is the best way to go. Do not trust your GPS or your personal navigation will take you on Forest Service roads, many of which, even though they're still on maps, are closed. Do not try to access the North Fork Road from HWY 93 North no matter what your Garmin tells you.

Columbia Falls has two grocery stores to pick up snacks and ice for your cooler. Be sure to fill up your gas tank! Take it easy on the road, enjoy the scenery, and look for a moose or a bear beside (or in) the road.

The House
The Sign From the Road
Be careful of the potholes in the road!
The Drive In
We are a completely off the grid house, with our own solar panels for energy, wood for heat, and a backup generator.